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Second Slavic Baptist Church has two teen ministries:



"Let us run with perservearance the race marked out for us. Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith."

- Hebrews 12:1

 "The Lord is my rock."

- Psalm 18:2

Meets Wednesdays 7 pm

(except 1st Wednesday of the month)

Fridays 6 pm

Every other Saturday 5 pm




PDF FTM Application

Online FTM Application

Application will be updated soon.



2018-19 Schedule & Program

God is on the move. Will you join Him?

"First there were 12. Then 120. And 3,000 were added. Then 5,000. Like the growth of a tiny seed into a giant tree, the church - called into being by Christ, planted in the gospel, and nourished by the power of the Holy Spirit - pursues to this day its mission of being a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

From its earliest times, the church has stretched upward in faith and outward in evangelism despite facing bouts of heated persecution and spiritual drought. God's kingdom relentlessly marches forward. By digging deep into Acts 1-12, today's Christ followers can reconnect with their dramatic early story, renew their passion to obey the Lord, and refocus their vision as His global witnesses."

- Vance Pitman

This year, Focus Teen Ministries will focus on the book of Acts, learning about what it means to be a disciple of Christ and how to carry out God's mission in our lives.

Focus Teen Ministries Schedule Skala Schedule
September 2018

Theme:  Introduction to the book of Acts

09/15  Skala + FTM Park Day 4-7pm
09/19  FTM Welcome - Worship Night/Meet & Greet
09/26  Discussion Groups

9/15  Skala + FTM Park Day 4-7 pm
9/21  Bible Study
9/28  Bible Study
9/29  Skala

October 2018

Theme: Jesus Gives the Mission

10/03  Week Off (1st Wednesday of the month)
10/10  Fun Day - Skandia
10/17  Discussion Groups
10/24  Mystery Day
10/31  Worship Night

10/05  Bible Study
10/12  Bible Study
10/13  Skala
10/19  Bible Study
10/26  Bible Study
10/27  Skala

November 2018

Theme: The Church is Born/Family of Faith

11/07  Week Off (1st Wednesday of the month)
11/14  Discussion Groups
11/21  Off for Thanksgiving
11/28  Worship Night

11/02  Bible Study
11/09  Bible Study
11/16  Bible Study
11/17  Skala
11/23  Off for Thanksgiving
11/30  Bible Study
December 2018

Theme: Christmas

12/05  Fun Day
12/12  Discussion Groups
12/19  Worship Night
12/26  Off for Christmas Break

12/01  Skala
12/07  Bible Study
12/14  Bible Study
12/15  Skala
12/21  Off for Christmas Break
January 2019

Off for Christmas Break

Off for Christmas Break
February 2019

Theme: Faithfulness in Persecution

02/06  Week Off (1st Wednesday of the month)
02/13  Discussion Groups
02/20  Fun Night
02/27  Worship Night

02/01  Bible Study
02/02  Skala
02/08  Bible Study
02/15  Bible Study
02/16  Skala
02/22  Bible Study

March 2019

Theme: Obedience to the Spirit

03/06  Week Off (1st Wednesday of the month)
03/13  Discussion Groups
03/20  Fun Night
03/27  Worship Night

03/01  Bible Study
03/02  Skala
03/08  Bible Study
03/15  Bible Study
03/16  Skala
03/22  Bible Study
03/29  Bible Study
03/30  Skala

April 2019

Theme: Transformation through the Gospel/Extradition

04/03  Week Off (1st Wednesday of the month)
04/10  Discussion Groups
04/17  Worship Night
04/24  Week Off - Teen Conference Week
04/26-04/27  Teen Conference

04/05  Bible Study
04/12  Bible Study
04/13  Skala Easter Party
04/19  Bible Study
04/26-04/27  Teen Conference

May 2019

Theme: Salvation is for Everyone 

05/01  Discussion Groups
05/08  Worship Night/End of the Year Potluck

05/03  Bible Study
05/10  Bible Study
05/11 Skala




Aleksandr & Olga Prizhbilov     (916) 747-6008
Vladimir & Ella Prizhbilov         (916) 505-7021


Lyubov Lomov
Dima Arakelyan
Nadia Kovalev
Veta Kovalev
Veronica Yushkov
Alex Katrechko
Pavel Tsvirinko
Andrey Tsvirinko
Alex Tsvirinko
Roman Mokhov
David Voda
Nick Vechtomov
Toma Tsvirinko
Ella Marchenko
Vika Komarchuk
Masha Svityashchyuk
Olesya Velychko
Evelyna Samusenko


Vlad & Nadya Khashchuk   (916) 533-5362


Masha Svityashchyuk
Olesya Velychko
Vika Velychko

 Here's a fun music video that our leaders made. A special thank you to Vadim Kruglikov for putting it together.